Hi, my name’s Eugene and I’m a user experience designer, currently practicing information architecture and interaction design at Live Nation/Ticketmaster.  I’ve been at it for over 12 years now, helping companies to communicate effectively through design.  Past experience includes working on an array of web properties at AT&T Interactive, MindSpring, EarthLink, IGN, and Disney Parks & Resorts, as well as work on individual websites such as Ranker, Zoo Atlanta, and Lawry’s.  Outside of my day job, I spend time with my family, go ocean fishing off my kayak, and make music with friends.

Recently, I’ve tasked myself with helping local small businesses and non-profit organizations who may not be able to afford an online presence or who don’t have the know-how to create one themselves.  While visual design and coding aren’t part of my core skill set, I like to think I’m a jack-of-all-trades who can handle these roles with some competency.  And for the purposes of building brochure-style websites, it shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to provide simple, usable, and functional websites.  Having said that, it’s important to note that if I discover your needs are beyond my abilities, I’d be happy to connect you with others who are more knowledgeable.  Knowing when to invest your time and money into proper services is a decision that’s probably just as important to the success of your business or organization.

Why am I doing this?  Primarily because I feel it’s a good way to help others.  I know firsthand how overwhelming it can be to run things yourself and that most of you really deserve a helping hand for all the risk that you take.  In the end, a successful business ultimately benefits the local community, both socially and economically, and I think that’s something worth investing in.

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